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First Grade Supply List 2016-2017

24 #2 YELLOW pencils, sharpened if possible (Please avoid pencils with special

designs and patterns. These pencils not only ruin our electric pencil sharpener, they also cause conflict among the children. All pencils will be shared, so there is no need to write names on pencils.)


         Washable markers (1 package-no more than 12)

         Glue Sticks  (3 or more sticks)    

         Supply Box

         Dry Erase Markers- Black only -2 (4 Pack) Fine or thick tip


         Box of Tissue (2 boxes)

         Headphones (no ear-buds please)

         Ziploc Bags (girls bring 1 box of quart size & boys bring 1 box of gallon size)

         Folders (3=1 red for reading packet, 1 yellow for writing, 1 blue for morning work)


         Clorox Wipes (1 container)

         Hand Sanitizer (1- 8 oz. bottle)